About Me

My name is Mr. Supriy Sharma. I born and brought up in village Shri Rampura nearby Jaipur, Rajasthan India and I had spent most of my valuable and peacefully time in my village. I loved. From childhood I loved peacefully atmosphere and sparkling colours of Rajasthan’s villages and ponds, free space and lovely people. Traditional dresses of women in village, their lifestyle of living and their living bear.

From childhood I loved to draw on surface like on wall, on paper, on patio, on trees surface. I filled up sparkling colours of Rajasthan’s culture in my drawings. It was rooted in my own soul from my birth. Even I handled the senses I saw that during making drawing I was following my rooted culture by symptoms of Rajasthan’s culture. In my form I follow lot of space, lot of sparkling colours, lot of cattle whose I see in my life every day, lot of trees with sparkling colours, lot of birds who has got free sky to fly in group without pollution, villagers chunri and most important farms I draw by the help of draw Cherian on canvas.

I have artist friends whose always support me like teacher and I always give my caution to their advice because I believe in that thought like “friend could be a great teacher for everyone because a friend could share his whole knowledge to you”.

About Making Art

In my childhood I loved to draw on wall of my home, on trees of my village, on stones, on wooden cart, on paper and on clay. I loved to create lot of small statue in clay. When I passed my age of 20th I realized that its real time to start my art creation spreading in world. So with that thinking I took admission in fine art college Rajasthan School of Art which is situated in Jaipur India.

Today I am a freelance painter and art is a way of express my self and it helps me to out from my tension, depression and my hesitation in life. from my childhood I am very calm person and I don’t speak too much and its only a way to express my feelings, my inner thoughts and my interests about mysteries of life and culture of my India and daily routine problem of my society. Its develop my confidence day by day, Its gives me space to think to live and to love world by my creation. It gives me real way to see that how we could see world and nature by our own inner soul and by inner eye.

For communication with my art I always try to observe life of others, try to observe life of nature and feelings of society and after it I add these with my art with full of emotions and its very easily done by me in my every creation because where ever we live in society it always effect on our life. if you feel like an artist than you create in your creation. I used to create lot of forms from our society.

About process

I love my culture, I love atmosphere of my village whose always reminder me about peace of life, about importance of our own culture, about free space of life, about naivety of people in village. In my form I used to play all of these and they help me to create my own form in art world. Our feelings can be judged like birds, flowing clouds wings of colorful butterfly, uncontrolled kites, also can be judged by temper of trident.

Fire flies, leaves of tree, a touch of flowing water falls, dancing peacock, group of camels, shattered stones etc. I conjunct all these variations with colors to represent my art work.

Also I add the changing dynamism of traditional and modern equipments like lantern, windmill, hand-pump, parachutes, rockets, cycle etc. also.

I create a form of animals, a form of human beings, form of scare crow in empty farm field, boats roaring in Dry River, lonely camels flowing with desert etc forms of different architecture to represent my artwork. These of all atmospheres seem like my own society and I don’t like that anyone create disturbance in my society.

I surrendered all my enjoyment and tensions along with all the elements which are breaking the rhythm of my imaginatery form, can be seen in my artwork also the simplicity of my artwork can be judged like the tiredness of evening and the blissful morning During paint I always give my awareness about company of my form and elements that what they want and how they are communicating with other elements and how they are communicating with my life and others life and at the time during paint if I think that elements and my form are not connecting with each other I stopped making art.

In my art work I used acrylic colours, pen & ink, pencil on canvas, paper and ply boards.

About inspiration

I am inspire by my rooted culture in me, I inspire by my view of my soul that what I see what I observe what I feel what I think by the help of my soul and my eye and still I am learning from life. Condolence is rooted in me and it always comes in my form and in my art. Life teaches us that how to live how to react by the expression in art, by the feelings in art and in my paintings. I take my form from everyday life and nature.
Living artist inspiration

About “creativity”

I always feel and think by my soul and eye. I give me to space for feeling everywhere. I loved to roam around every space, every monument and specially villages with fulfil of nature.

Being creative is a lot of mean for me. It means for me to be a freedom of my feelings. It means for me express my selves. It means for me live with emotions. It means for me respect emotion of others. It means for me gives respect freedom of others. It means for me to understand of nature that how it works and how it’s important for living.

My best advice for being more creative is that give lot of space to your mind for thinking for feeling for seeing by your soul & heart and by your own eye. If you see that live with space is very difficult then you should take few minutes to think that is it really very difficult to found space for creating? Then believe me you will get your real answer in your soul. For being more creative we should firstly feel by soul and after than we could think by our mind.